Judy Smith Welcome! My name is Judy Smith and what am I hoping to accomplish in and through this web site is to lift Jesus up in such a way so that all who see Him will be healed, delivered and set free.

God gave me a dream almost five years ago. It was very vivid and colorful and I wrote it down in detail at that time. Since then, God has given various interpretations; each one looking at the dream from a slightly different angle. I believe all the interpretations are true because God is multifaceted.

In the dream I was walking between many bodies and they were all draped in white 'shroud-like' garments (reminded me of mummies). Each body had a single cord attached to them. I was taking great care not to step on a cord because I knew if I did the person attached to the cord would die.

I wasn't 'doing' anything, just walking between the bodies and around them. I did know I couldn't fall asleep (like I was on a shift and responsible). I was getting very tired. Finally, I just had to get outside and when I stepped out the side door, I was in darkness. There were steps attached to the side of the one-story building and I had to go up them in order to get to the roof-top. As I started up the stairs, I felt something under my feet. I looked down and saw I had stepped on one of the cords. I quickly knelt to my knees and realized that all the cords were running up the stairway. I gathered them together and put them over my right shoulder. I then had to proceed up the stairs on my knees due to the darkness and not being able to see where I was going.

When I finally reached the top, I laid all the cords down and stood up. At that moment I heard a voice say, "Go into the river."  I looked down and before me was a deep, wide river. I was not happy because I can't swim and in my dream I said, "No, I can't go in, I'll drown." The voice said, "Step into the water, I'll hold onto you. I won't let you drown." I waited a bit and then gingerly put a foot into the water. Then, I just jumped in. Instantly I went under the water and I felt the panic rise up within me. Then I felt hands/arms cradling me and I felt no fear, just excitement. Suddenly, I was moving very quickly through warm water and just as suddenly, I came to an abrupt stop.

When I came to the surface for air, all around me was an intense quietness and calm. I knew I was in a cove or lagoon because it was so peaceful. I looked up and the sky was a beautiful blue color and it shimmered sort there was a full moon. I remember thinking, "God, You are so beautiful." I strained to hear a sound, but there was no noise...just a sweet quiet. Then, I heard the voice say, "Come over here and look down."

I went to the edge of the water and when I looked over the edge, I saw the world (in the shape of a globe) below me. He said, "You will shout My name to the nations of the world."

That was all. I woke up KNOWING in my spirit that I had heard from God. I have carried this dream with me these past few years. I keep waiting with expectancy to be 'moved forward' into His divine call. I have a small measure of it in my life each day I go to work at the clinic. He brings many 'hurting' across my path and gives me the opportunity to pray and counsel with them. I give Him glory for all that is accomplished in and through His name.

I believe my ministry is 'two-fold'. First, God desires that I reach out to people who are helpless, overwhelmed and in deep emotional pain ( I call them the 'walking dead'). The Holy Spirit enables me to 'see' their sorrow and to 'feel' their pain. He is using me now and He will continue to use me to pray with them and intercede for them. As I obey Him, the Holy Spirit provides me with revelation (knowledge) to release Jesus' resurrection LIFE into their life situations.
(seeLuke 4:18,19)

As Jesus is lifted up; those who 'choose' to look to Him, WILL be HEALED and SET FREE! (Numbers 21:8,John 3:14-16).

Secondly, God uses me to bring His healing to His 'body', the Church. The church today is like the 'valley of dry bones' (Ezekiel 37) -- there is no 'pulsating, vibrant' LIFE in it. In fact, there is NOTHING IN IT that is able to draw the lost and dying. It looks very similar to the world they are living hope for a brighter future. God has placed me in the 'position' of intercessor. I plead for His mercy and the return of His resurrected Son's LIFE FORCE to be 'breathed into' His church NOW! (Psalm 145:1-3)

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